Don't Forget To Sweat.

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"Dr Libby Weaver just came and gave a live talk at my work and I’m so so happy."

Is this relatable?

I am so tired of arguing about nutrition with friends and family. When I’m in my uniform and dealing with a client, people listen… But after hours, to my nearest and dearest, I apparently have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s difficult as a personal trainer to overhear horribly skewed ideas about diet and exercise without stepping in to say something - but when someone you love starts crash dieting and has the audacity to say ‘I think I know my body better than you do’ …that’s tough. Plus of course there’s those guys who think frequenting the gym and an online bodybuilding forum makes them ‘all knowing’ in the field of nutrition. 

…I mean never mind that I spent the last few years of my life studying human anatomy and nutritional science. No seriously, here take my uniform as well, go change lives buddy.